Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wrapping up the mystery

Last month, I ended my Central Minnesota Crime Logs post with this statement:

AND FINALLY... this last one was just so odd that I hated to waste it on one of my dumb punchlines, so I thought I'd give you a chance to finish it. Please - help me out here.

A complaint was reported at 1:22 a.m. Tuesday on First Street Northeast. A caller said juveniles were putting Saran wrap across the road. Officers talked to them and they apologized for the behavior and went home...
As I mentioned, the idea of putting Saran Wrap across the road seemed odd to me. Why would anyone want to lay Saran Wrap on the road? Then today, I saw that someone found my blog through the Google search "saran wrap across the road" and it piqued my curiosity once again. Now it was my turn to find out what this was all about.

A few clicks later I landed on this guy's prank website (you should actually check it out, it's quite comprehensive) and found my answer:
We stretched a single layer of plastic wrap across two trees that were on opposite sides of the road. At night, when suspended about 3 ½ feet off the ground, the plastic acts as a mirror and reflects an oncoming vehicles headlights giving of a visual effect that makes it look like another car is coming straight at you.
Ahh, I get it now. They stretched it across the street, not on the street. Duh. But holy cow... that actually seems a little dangerous if you ask me! Oh yeah that's right - I'm 48 years old. Nevermind.

Anyway, I used to be a kid once myself believe it or not. I mean just check out this hysterical purse prank. And that's not all... one time we were throwing apples at cars and I "accidentally" threw one at a squad car, who then proceeded to chase us into a field and attempt to hunt us down in the woods. That's right... I was a BADass! Not a particularly bright badass but a badass all the same.

So what about you? What was your favorite prank to pull when you were young? Or better yet, what is the stupidest thing you've ever done?


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Do I really have to tell you about the time I went tick-tacking with friends the week of Halloween?

We'd fill old socks with corn we got from stolen corn cobs, then go whip handfuls of it at people's houses. Someone called the cops on us (probably a homeowner with aluminum siding and doors -- those made the most and best noise!) Running down an alley, a cop pulled up behind us and made us all stop.

I tried tossing my corn-filled sock off to the side ("Ya got nothin' on me, copper!), in the glow of the cop car's headlights, mind you. For a split second, I thought he wouldn't notice. I'm an idiot.

But he had mercy. We got off with a warning and my parents didn't have to find out how stupid their last-born child was. At least not that night. That came some years later.

Ed said...

Our prank with saran wrap involved a toilet seat and the girls bathroom. Otherwise I was pretty tame.

Heather said...

I refuse to answer on grounds that my answer might incriminate me.

Idaho Dad said...

I was a very very good boy. Basically, I was afraid my mom would kill me over any little infraction. The closest I ever came to pulling a prank was putting a large tootsie roll on a friend's lawn, among the dog droppings that were always there, and then, when he came out to play, reaching to a pile of poop, grabbing the tootsie roll, and popping it into my mouth. Nearly made him throw up.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I went to a rather conservative college (by most reckoning) so pretty much any pranking was big trouble. One of my roommates got tired of her RA decorating the hall like a third grade classroom, so she became quite adept at rearranging her cut-out construction paper letters to say wittier things. (She always used all the letters too, It took real skill.)We also took down some cardboard pilgrims and other decorations that you apparently are given when you major in Elementary Education.

We got caught, and our punishment was that WE had to decorate the hall. By the time we were done people were coming from all over campus to see it. It involved blue and yellow cellophane on the recessed lighting, a Dali-esque mural made of photocopied and hand-colored cows, hundreds of paper cranes hanging from string that you had to wade through, and a large mural celebrating Irish Republicanism, complete with flags, song lyrics, and a brief history of the IRA.

Bill said...

When no dog poop was available, some of the neighbor boys pooped and peed in a purse that they planted on the road. They then watched the smelly purse fly out a car window really fast.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

kathy - Ooh... corn sock tossing. You outlaw you!

ed - Yeah, but how could you ever witness your evil plan in action?

heather - You can spill it here Heather. We won't tell anybody.

idaho dad - I don't know who got more pranked in that deal. You did say that you laid the Tootsie Roll on the ground among the dog poop, right?

shieldmaiden96 - ... decorating the hall like a third grade classroom. LOL! I can totally see someone "redoing" her letters. Oh yeah, and that someone would be me. ;b

bill - The neighbor boys. Yeah, that's it. Good job on remembering it that way.

Mom Thumb said...

When I was in college, there was this things going around. It was a seering tirade about idiots and how they should learn how to park. You were supposed to put it on the windshields of people taking up two or three spaces, or whatever other bad parking jobs you came across. The first time I used it was on a van in the parking lot of the grocery store. That came back to bite me in the ass while I was standing in the checkout line and a guy in a wheelchair came up and handed it to me, explaining that he parked diagonally so that he could get his chair in his van.

Next semester we had assigned seating in one class. I was seated at the end of the row and guess who was seated in the aisle next to me. He either didn't remember or was very gracious because we became good friends.

Jason said...

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JD at I Do Things said...

I'm just . . . still laughing at Kathy's comment. Kathy, did you grow up in the 1930s? Corn-filled socks? Woo-hoo! Live it up!

Anonymous said...

There was the time that 'someone' taped an M80 to the door of a friends dorm, but it really wasn't me. Man, that sucker was loud.
ps, it REALLY wasn't me, but it's a good story.

Maureen said...

Oh no stories from me.

I was an angel.

Still am.

Janna said...

The Saran Wrap thing reminds me of that scene from Goldfinger where James Bond thinks he's just about to get in a head-on collision with another car and he veers away at the last second and ruins his beautiful Aston Martin... and then we find out it was just a big mirror suspended above the road so he was seeing his own headlights reflected the whole time.

Thanks for the nostalgia.
Where was I?

Me? Do something dumb?

Especially nothing involving bratwurst and honey mustard and strangers on my front porch.

Roger Miller said...

As a kid, I would TP various house... and get caught every.single.time.

As an adult, not sure if this would be a prank or not, because I was really mad, at the time. When I was in the Air Force, living in England, i had an encounter with a nameless, and faceless person - I have no idea who it was to this day, nor do I care. This nameless punk like to have his radio up loud, which is fine and I really didn't care about that, because I had been known to 'kick out the jams' at a maximum volume a time or ten myself. What got me with this guy was that he was listening to side two of Tracy Chapman's initial release (don't know the name of the album, but it's the one with "Fast Car" on it) a really good album, unless you are listening to the same songs (I think five)over and over and over again.

After about the fifteenth (I swear it was this many, but it could have been six, I guess) time through I went down and pounded on his door, just to get him to change sides, or even albums. No answer. Which was understandable, consisering the volume level.

So, I went and grab some of Red Green's favorute stuff, and used an entire roll and covered his door, completely. The doors opened in, so if the moron wasn't paying attention, he would walk into a wall of duct tape. Unfortuantely, I wasn't there to witness his awakening, and for all I know, the cleaning people (yes we were spoiled over there)cleaned it up before he noticed. Who knows.

I do know that i never heard his stereo again after that. So I'll take that small victory. :)