Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fair Play

To celebrate Labor Day (whatever that means) we headed down to the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" for the final day of its 2-week run.

Even though I'm not a big fan of ginormous crowds and the parking hassle associated with them, the State Fair here is very easy to navigate. Two miles in any direction of the main gate will get you free park-n-ride parking lots. The one we used last night took only 10 minutes to get us from our car to the fairground. Yay!

I took a ton of pictures as usual, but instead of boring you with my family photo album, I'm instead going to have a little fun with some of the signage I spotted throughout the day.

For example, is this really the best name for a restaurant?

home of "flatulence on a stick"

And I hardly think a breaded hot dog constitutes "a banquet on a stick"

good thing we were able to find a corn dog booth!

With all the purple nurples my brother gave me as a kid, I have no interest in anything that sounds even remotely close to titty twister... especially Texas-sized ones!

them there are some big-ass twisters y'all!

Hmm, I like a crunchy ice cream as much as the next guy, but no thank you to this tooth buster.

mmm, Chunky-Clunky!

I took this picture especially for my friend Janna, who just spent a week experimenting as a vegetarian. I'm sure she would have loved this place, even if "veggie" was spelled wrong.

you mean fries aren't already made out of vegetables?

And finally... kids love the state fair and and there are a LOT of things you can do there. But come on - you'd have to be one evil parent to lure your toddler down here for the promise of cotton candy and midway rides, and then toss him through this door for a quick stabbing of needles.

one flu OUT of the cuckoo's nest


MYM said...

A purple nurple? I'm afraid to google that 'cause not having a brother I have no idea what that is - but it doesn't sound good.

and veggie fires are cooked in veggie oils or somethin' lol ... but after Janna's recent post I think she's crumbling, LOL

Gette said...

Vegie fries RAWK, misspellings and all. They are my fair food. We usually pack a cooler because I am too cheap to fork over hard-earned pay for overpriced food, but everyone gets to choose one treat that we can't easily find at home. Mine used to be sweet tater fries until they became commonplace. Now it's these.

PS Buckets of Sweet Martha's and French fries to be shared don't count.

Michelle said...

*sigh* That was torture to read. I almost drove up this weekend just for Sunday and part of Monday but ... didn't. I so miss the Fair. And my cheese curds. And Sweet Martha's. But ummm you missed the sign for Big Fat Bacon. That was my ALL time favorite one. *sigh*

Ed said...

That last one was the scariest ride of them all. I have no problem with my arm dangling loose with a second elbow but show me a needle and that's it...

Roger Miller said...

Flu shots at the Fair? You folks sure know how to have a good time. :)

Meg said...

Ice cream from a deer? Wonder if it tastes like mocha.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hee! I'm not afraid of tater twisters! Load me up! Just make sure they're not made by John Deere.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

drowsey monkey - No, you definitely don't want to experience a nurple. Unless you want one on purpose.

gette - We used to carry all kindza crap with us when we had kids in the strollers. Now, I don't carry anything but my wallet. One odd thing though... after all these years I've STILL never had a Sweet Martha cookie. Are they really that amazing?

michelle - I would have totally taken a picture of Fat Bacon if I had seen it. Especially for Kathy. She dreams about bacon.

ve - You bring up a good idea. A house of needles. Kind of like a house of mirrors but instead of bumping into glass you bump into horizontal needles. I'm so going to make one of those.

roger - Why not. You're already feeling like crap after eating corn dogs and going on spinny rides.

prefers her fantasy life - Yes, the little brown pellets in it taste like mocha.

jd - That's the spirit! No worries... I didn't see any Deere Twisters there.

Ian Newbold said...

My boy would love a John Deere ice-cream.

Janna said...

I'm still laughing at the "GASS Station."
Best restaurant name EVER. :)

I'll bet all the Hollywood celebs hang out there.

And thank you for the "Vegie Fries" dedication. I agree, they'd probably taste a lot better if they were spelled correctly. :)

I wonder if "John Deere Ice Cream" has a higher fat content because of all the motor oil.

Mom Thumb said...

I hope guys don't give purple nurples to their sisters.

The best thing at the MN state fair is the ice cold milk!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

single parent dad - What boy wouldn't? Especially if it was served in a little sandbox.

janna - Sow wheat if it's high in oil... I wouldn't bale on it because you would still reap the benefits.

mom thumb - YES! We drank all we could drink... for only $1.00!

United Studies said...

I must say, I have never seen a health clinic at a state fair. Who says we need universal health care? If all state fairs did this, that would solve that problem.