Sunday, September 20, 2009

Le Lievre

I love cartoons. In fact, when I read a newspaper, the first section I open is the comics. The same thing goes for magazines. I'm always looking for those little one-panel cartoon treasures that can be found hidden among the pages.

I even dabbled in some rudimentary toonage of my own early on in this blog, but gave it up after I realized it took a lot of time. Oh yeah, and talent too.

On the other hand, Glen Le Lievre is a legendary cartoonist whose work can be found in such magazines as The New Yorker, Time, Playboy and many more.

Here's one of my favorites of his from Mad Magazine...

But it was this one from this month's Reader's Digest that prompted me to write this post today. I chuckle every time I see it.

Go to his website here to see samples of his other work. I'm quite sure you'll recognize more of these than you'd think.

And I guarantee you won't leave without a chuckle of your own.


JD at I Do Things said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your "cartoons" post, which I missed the first time around. I LOVE Le Lievre -- from Mad, New Yorker -- and the drawing on his home page has special meaning for me -- I may steal that.

I love cartoons too. Some are stupid, some are silly, but some are pure genius.

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I'm with you on reading the comics first. Although in magazines I have to read in page order. Don't ask.

I didn't know you cartooned, but what fun to go look at them. I enjoyed them :)

Heather said...

Those are great! Thanks for the laughs.

Ed said...

Ha! I think I've worked for that company....

I could have been a cartoonist... well, except the drawing part and all. I do have a friend now who draws at the level of Don Martin from Mad Magazine; I send him one box cartoons in text and he draws them. It's a good partnership.

United Studies said...

My favorite comic strip of all time has been Far Side. But this guy seems to have the same sense of humor.

Oh, and Dilbert is also kinda would be funnier if it weren't so true!

Jen said...

Those are great and I distinctly remember them from Readers Digest and Time. It seems I rarely read the articles in the paper or magazines anymore but I will still flip through to see the cartoons which say so much with so little. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jd - I'd like to hear how a horse head in your bed has special meaning for you. Or maybe I shouldn't ask.

michelle - For me, I have to read magazines backwards, in reverse page order. I'm not kidding. And you can ask, but I have no idea why.

heather - You're welcome. Thanks for thanking me.

ve - Well then, you should show us some of these toons. That would be way cool.

jacki - Far Side is classic... and a benchmark that many cartoonists are measured by.

jen - Yeah, so do I. I do plan on picking up the pen again later though when the kids are out of the house and things are a little quieter around here.

Maureen said...

The ONLY reason I get a Saturday paper is for the coloured comics.

(Okay, I know you are going to tease me about two things in that sentence: yes, Canucks get the coloured comics in our SATURDAY paper, and yes, we spell coloured with a "u").

Glad you pointed out your link to a post from 2006... I hadn't seen that one before!

I always wanted to be a cartoonist. My all time favorite was Bill Watterson. He left the medium far, far too soon.