Monday, October 12, 2009

No really, we LOVE the four dis-stink seasons

If you live in Minnesota, you were fortunate enough to wake up to this today...

Yes, that's right... it's only October 12th.

In the comments from my post yesterday Kathy posed this imponderable:

I'll ask you this every year, so get used to it: Why again do you live in Minnesota?

To which I replied:

I'm pretty sure somebody comes by every spring and flashes us with one of those memory zappers from Men in Black so we can't remember the previous winter. It's the only explanation I can think of. 

Anyone have a better answer?


Bill said...

The good places are all filled up, broke, on a fault, get tornados, floods or have no water. You have so much water, it is coming through the ceiling, so don't complain.---Bill

Sornie said...

Be thankful we didn't have 18 inches like they did in Nebraska. But it's still not okay that we have snow on the ground before the middle of October.

Roger Miller said...

Uh, your Dad got it right, so I cannot add anything, except to say, that Colorado already has two ski areas open. So, if you ever decide to move there, don't live in the mountains if you don't like early snow.

Babs-beetle said...

I may have it wrong but didn't you still have snow when ours was all cleared up and the sun was shining last winter? You seem to have very long winters. Then you do have much better summers than we do, so it evens out.

Kathy said...

Dude, move already!

Oh, hey. The word verification was "getyourasstoflorida."

Bill said...

Tell Kathy I forgot hurricanes, and I might as well throw in fires with mud slides.

absepa said...

Brrr. I really, REALLY hate being cold. If I looked out my window on the 12th of October to find snow on the ground, I would probably cry. My husband would love to live in Colorado, but I told he was gonna have to go without me.

Elizabeth said...

Awww, I love the first snow! We're still waiting for it here in Juneau.

Heather said...

I think you're right about the memory zappers. This is too early for snow. Thank goodness it won't be around long.

Mom Thumb said...

I spent five years wondering why people lived there. That first year, I would sit at the table in the morning with my coffee, get the paper and turn to the page with worldwide temperatures. Invariably Duluth was colder than anyplace in Alaska, Oslo and Moscow.

United Studies said...

Maybe it would be more fun and unique if you had polar bears or penguins, you know. Then you all could make lots of money off of tourists for having to live under some extreme conditions.

Ed said...

My theories:

Mullets in the 80s

You're planning ahead for global warming; this will be one of the only tolerable places left

Stupid is as stupid does

kc said...

Are you *kidding* me? I was excited because we turned on the heat this weekend and you got SNOW? I'm totally moving in with my family in Minn. That is so cool.

Anonymous said...

I think the cold weather freezes your memory and makes it impossible to recall what the previous year was like.

Janna said...

Snow in Minnesota.
That means it's probably headed for Michigan next.

I'll try to think happy thoughts.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

bill - Yeah, I'm thinking about bottling this leaking water and selling it. And the bathroom floor provides a natural filter!

sornie - Nebraska? Who even notices in Nebraska... the cows?

roger - We already experienced snow when we were there on our vacation. Pike's Peak was kind enough to provide us a blizzard. Thank you very much.

babs - Yes, this blog is like a Farmer's Almanac for first and last snowfalls. Or should I say Whiner's Almanac.

kathy - That is SO ironic! Can you even imagine the odds?

bill - Thank you Debbie Downer.

absepa - No, you have it all wrong. The non-mountainous parts of Colorado have very little snow. Well, at least compared to MN.

elizabeth - What the?... Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

heather - Sure it won't be around long (although I still have it in my backyard today) but it will be back with a vengeance!

mom thumb - The North Pole, the South Pole, Iceland, Greenland, Pluto...

jacki - We tried that. The polar bears and penguins all had to go because it was too cold here.

ve - It's really hard to argue your mullet theory. I'm pretty sure they do irreversible damage.

kc - Uh... woo-hoo?

carlae - That must be it. That explains the fact I keep thinking this is the first year I've been blogging.

janna - I do have to give props to your Upper Peninsula for having kick-ass blizzards. There's nothing like a good lake effect to bring on the white stuff.

Maureen said...

Ha! We got 10cm last week too. I immediately had a strange desire to go Christmas shopping.

And I haven't even put up our Halloween decor yet... wierd how in a blink of an eye your whole surroundings can change.