Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ten Questions with Jeff

My recent interview with Diesel was so much fun that I decided I wanted to do more interviews. Unfortunately, I didn't actually ask anyone else if they wanted to be interviewed - so that makes it a little tough.

Then I remembered this post from 2 years ago where I simply interviewed myself, and  how huge of a hit that was. Problem solved! 

So here I am again, chatting with myself. Enjoy.



Not much, sup with you?


 Last I heard you were looking for a new job. How's that working out for you?

Well, in the last month I've applied for 23 jobs. Miraculously, 9 of them have offered me positions and I've accepted them all. It's my feeling that it's better to have too many jobs than not enough.The only drawback is I have to work 167.5 hours per week. But I do have a spare 1/2 hour in there to take a shower, so it's not all bad.


I haven't heard jack about The Receders in months. Did you guys break up?

Funny you should mention that. NO. Our bass player had to take a new job in Nashville and for some reason he wasn't interested in flying back to Minnesota every month to play a biker bar for no money. He's kind of quirky that way. Bottom line is we found a new guy and we are in the process of preparing for our first concert in January. Where, you ask? Why right here! Tickets went on sale today, so if you're interested in attending, get them now. The last time we played there we sold out in 2 weeks.


What about Austin's Skate Plaza project? Is that thing ever going to get built?

Man, it's like you're psycho psychic or something. Next Tuesday the city is holding a public input meeting where people can show up to express their support (hint hint) or concerns about the project. The mayor has indicated that if there are no major roadblocks after that, the new skate plaza will open on July 4, 2010 - exactly four years to the day that Austin approached him about building a skate plaza. If you're interested in following the progress, you can join his Facebook group here.


Ok... word on the street is that your side business, Virus Stompers, is doing pretty well. Do you send the people who write viruses flowers and candy for supplying you all that business?

Hardly. Those scumbags should be hung up by their trojan horses and flogged. The world would be a much better place if every time you used the internet or email you weren't at risk of being infected. Fortunately, if you follow some basic safety and maintenance guidelines you should be just fine. In the meantime, if you would like to be updated on a weekly basis with helpful safety tips and virus-related news, you can always become a Facebook fan or follow us on Twitter. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from these little info-tweets.


That was like 3 advertisements in a row. Aren't you ashamed?

Oh hell no. That's exactly what personal blogs are all about. Everytime we publish something we're basically advertising for ourselves in one way or another, whether it be our family, our recipes or our writing. Personally, I'm always selling my humor in the hopes that someone from a hit sitcom or humor magazine will read my blog and beg me to work for them. I hear it happens all the... well, I hear it happened once. But still, that's not never!


You just used the word "everytime" in that last answer. Is "everytime" even a word?

I always thought so, but according to the online dictionaries it isn't. I wonder if anyone else uses it.


What the hell is going on with blogs these days? Is it just me or are blogs becoming yesterday's news?

It seems that as more and more people are coming online with things like Facebook and Twitter, more and more people are also moving away from blogs - both in terms of writing them and reading/commenting on them. 

I fear the heyday of blog activity is waning. My comments have dropped from the high 30s a few years ago to 10-15 these days. Likewise, the number of newly published posts in my feed reader is slowing down at a rapid rate as well. It just seems there are too many other distractions out there and people only have so much time. Personally, I recommend that people visit View From The Cloud first and then check their FB statuses etc next. But that's just me.


What are you wearing?

Ok, that's just weird. Even for you. But if you must know, I'm wearing a lovely cotton tee-shirt and jeans, just like you.


For some reason I don't believe that you really got a new job, let alone 9 of them. Are you BS-ing me? 

Wow, nothing gets by you, does it. The straight answer is no, I didn't get a new job. But I do have a job interview tomorrow, so wish me luck!


JD at I Do Things said...

Hee! I love "Interviewer Jeff." I think it's the glasses.

Love the update-by-interview. And yeah! If we don't promote ourselves, who's gonna do it?

Good luck on the interview! (You aced this one, so you should have no problem with the "real" one.

April said...


I'm so glad to hear that Virus Stompers is going well, and I'm wishing Austin the best of luck for his skate park.

I'm trying to get back in the groove of blogging/commenting. I can't blame Twitter or FB. I blame the Fall TV lineup!

Ed said...

It is a groove thing--this blogging. Sometimes it's a bit hard to keep but like most things--it'll work itself out.

Oh, and tell Jeff, good luck with the interview.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jd - Maybe I should just print this out and hand it to them. It pretty much has everything they'll need to know anyway. Yeah, that's the ticket.

april - I'm guilty as charged. I read your posts on my reader everytime you publish but rarely stop by anymore to comment. But that's for everyone, not just you. Holy cow... did I just say "It's not you, it's me?" Are we breaking up?

ed - Thanks. He'll appreciate that!

Dan said...

I'm with ed - it's a groove thing.

Also you stopped posting for a bit - that's killed my blog in the past.

But I do think the "old guard" of three to four years ago are migrating to twitter. However there is a new guard coming.

Charli said...

Honey, you're talking to yourself now, you're starting to scare me...

Heather said...

I do think the more you comment on other people's blogs, the more comments you get...although it is a lot like pulling teeth sometimes. I still try to comment most of the time. I guess I am a creature of habit.

Luck on that interview! Maybe you should move south?!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dan - "It's a groove thing... groove thing baby yeah yeah!"
Now see what you've made me do?

charli - Yeah, well you're talking to a blog comment. See how you are?

heather - You're absolutely right, the more you comment on theirs, the more they comment back. And it's these other "distractions" that are eating up our commenting time which in turn is lowering the reciprocation rate. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.

Mom Thumb said...

Yes, my blog was neglected for two and a half months, largely due to FB.

So want to be at the skatepark grand opening, but I promised my stepmom I'd go to the family reunion with her. :-(

Good luck on the interview!

Roger Miller said...

Good interview! I'm stealing that idea by the way, because I really want to know what is going on in my head. I may even publish it. :)

I know that I got a bit burned out with my blog, but I'm back in sort of full swing. Granted, half my posts this month have been various prayers, but that's because of NaPraGoMo (National Prayer to God Month) - it's a real thing, or at least it was last year.

Best of luck with that interview - is it tomorrow, or was it today? I can't remember what day I'm reading, which also might be a contributing factor to blog blase.

mom said...

It's "tomorrow" and you're having your job interview "today". Guess I don't have to tell you I've been thinking about you, and praying for you, but I'll tell you anyway!!I know the interview will go good--look who they're interviewing---I just hope they choose you!!

Kathy said...

Everybody knows bass players are always the most unreliable. Geesh.

If you do as well on your job interview as you did with your self-interview, they have to hire you!

You'll let us know if you get it right?

Janna said...

What a neat idea! I should totally do this on the Jannaverse someday.

Hopefully the interview went well.

I'll send lots of good vibes your way.
And by "send lots of good vibes," I mean "daydream about eating lots of Twinkies since it's a Friday night and I need to escape from reality no matter how many calories are involved."

But hey, it's the thought that counts.

Janna said...

BTW, Wow, I just clicked on the Receders link and listened to the song there!
You guys are great!

If I ever move to Minnesota, and if I start losing my hair, and if you guys need a French horn player, please call me. :) said...

Hi, Jeff! I've seen you around in various blog comments and should have come by sooner!
Er, number 7? Totally a word. I have discussed it recently in a post and am planning a campaign to overthrow Merriam Webster. Please stand by, I may need help.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - Hey... just have the family reunion at the skate plaza. Case closed!

roger - Go for it. I'd love to hear what your head has to say to you.

mom - Your prayers must have helped, because everything went really well. Thanks!

kathy - That's right... your hubby is/was a bass player wasn't he. I will let everyone know about my interview - AFTER I get or don't get a job. I'm going to try not jynxing myself by blabbing about it this time. Or is it already too late for that?

janna - OMG... I can't even imagine what an interview with yourself would be like. I'd probably pay money to read that one. And yes, The Receders were just talking about putting French horn on our next album, so I'll let you know for sure.

halfasstic - Thank you! I'm so glad you vilified that word for me. I was beginning to think I was alone, or insane, or just really dumb. I'm totally there with you. Bring it on!

Ed said...

I'm available for interviews when you're done talking to yourself...

Chris C said...

Like VE, you can count me in for an interview. :)

I interviewed you once awhile back so I think it would be fun to be on the other end. :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

VE and Chris - You're on! I'll put some interviews together and send them your way as soon as I can. I can't guarantee you won't be sorry though. Thanks!

Maureen said...

Ahahahaha oh Jeff. You slay me.

And Charli should be scared. Nothing is weirder than talking to yourself. Unless it is stalking to yourself, which is what I typed at first.


United Studies said...

I hope the interview went well!

I have been so busy lately with home life and working that my blog has suffered tremendously. Plus, most of my blog friends are on FB, so I tend to chat with them over there.