Sunday, December 27, 2009

He's a super geek, super geek... he's super geeky

It was a bittersweet Christmas this year.

For the first time since I can remember we were unable to go up to Duluth to visit my family because of a raging snowstorm that the state patrol deemed "deadly" on their highway conditions web site. Uh, yeah, we get it... don't travel.

So we spent the extended weekend here, alone in St. Cloud as a family, socked in by snow, warm by the fire and completely relaxed. It was very nice, but empty too. Especially for my parents. The storm was so bad in Duluth it knocked their phone lines out, so we couldn't even call them! What's that... phone lines? Oh yeah, those are wires that people attached to their houses in the old days so their phone signals could travel over them. They became popular just after the days when you had to climb up the telephone pole so you could talk to Mr. Drucker.

Speaking of old technology... with all my spare time this weekend I got the chance to start a project I've been wanting to work on forever - converting all my old VCR tapes to DVD. I've got a million old tapes that need to be copied and I finally got started yesterday.

And what surprises I found!

There were preschool concerts, birthday parties, Roseanna's birth! and some big firsts. For example I found two scenes of my boys learning how to ride their bicycles for the first time. Oh and they are hysterical... but not for the reasons you'd think. Here check them out, they're very short.

Ok... go ahead and take your best shot - but I blame my wife. First of all, why would she let me wear pants like those? I mean come on... women control your lives 99% of the time but then they don't chime in when it's an emergency like this? WTF?

Secondly, I know when we got married she vowed to take me "for better or for worse" but seriously...either of these should have been a deal breaker.

Then there's the famous bigfoot bike-push waddle that I've mastered so well. And here I thought people always called me an ape just because I had long arms.

But my favorite moment of all of this is the very last few frames of Austin's video, after I sent him around the corner on the sidewalk. Go back and check it out again. I think you'll agree that things didn't go quite as I planned.


Ed said...


Thanks, I didn't catch that the first time.

Michelle said...

Nope, totally missed that the first time around. Poor kid ;) I do love that big brother is the one to really get the bike rolling in Brandon's video. I was watching for tips as Mister Man is six and can't ride a bike, and he is GOING to learn this spring, one way or the other.

So glad you commented on the shorts so that I don't have to :)

And on a totally random note, if I happen to possibly have files on one computer that won't let any external devices connect to it and need to transfer them to a second computer, do you know of any good/trustworthy online servers I can use (for free) to upload and download the files so I don't have to email them one by one? :)

Kathy said...

Those videos are great! It's wonderful that you caught those "can't miss" moments (both the bike riding AND the pants).

My conclusion about the pants is that there's nothing inherently wrong with them. So Charli's off the hook. The problem with the pants is that you're a tucker. Tucking a shirt into those kinds of pants is Violation #3729-E of the Dress Code for Dads. My 83-year-old father does the same thing, which should tell you something.

Mom Thumb said...

I would like to know how you are transferring the videos to DVD, as I have been wanting to do the same.

Okay, the shorts . . . I hope you weren't wearing those white shorts after Labor Day.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ed - Apparently I didn't catch HIM the first time either!

michelle - Sorry, but I've never used any online storage sites. But here's an article that lists a bunch of different ones that might help:

kathy - Sure, it tells me your 83-year-old father is one hip dude.

mom thumb - Believe it or not, I bought a VCR-->USB interface kit from Aldi (your technology headquarters?) for only $15. It has a USB thingy with the VCR cables attached and it will "capture" the video stream into files. Then I just use standard DVD creation software to write the files to DVD. I know there are a ton of other capture devices available but don't pay a lot of money for one because they don't need to cost a lot.

Ed said...

Wait until she sees the shorts cutout on the picnic table cloth...

You know no depths of embarassment, do you?

Elizabeth said...

How fun that you have those videos! What did your kids think about them?

Unknown said...

iPastor's been working on that same sort of project around here, off and on. More off than on.

Heather said...

Thank goodness for the little boys in the videos so I could focus on something other than the shorts. Yikes!

I do have to agree that the problem might be the tucking. My husband is a tucker too. I'm guessing he's going to regret that one day as well.

Bee said...

Were you being attacked by mosquitoes?

Regarding your choice of fashion, my husband has a pair of jeans that are as high as his nipples and he would not take my advice on pitching them until I took a picture of him at a party. He then blamed me for not warning him. Men! ;o)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - I gave up humility sometime in the 80s.

elizabeth - I'm still editing and burning them to DVD so they haven't been asked to sit down and watch the family videos yet. But my guess is they'll enjoy them for... I'll say 6 minutes.

gette - It's a slow, painful process. The bummer is that it takes as long to copy one as it does to watch it, so it goes REALLY slow.

heather - It's my mom's fault. She's the one who first tucked my shirts in. I guess that makes her... ready?... one bad mother tucker.

bee - If they were mosquitoes you'd know it because around here they are ginormous and they drain your blood in like 30 seconds and they spread deadly West Nile diseases and have a barbed stinger that pierces your heart which paralyzes you instantly - so no, I doubt they were mosquitoes. They were probably just really annoying little gnats. Boy I hate gnats.

United Studies said...

And that is why I make sure Peter goes out of the house every day looking decent. If he dressed himself, it would be so embarrassing.

Kathy said...

Oh, and as to Michele's question, she might be interested in There are file size limitations, but it might be enough to do the job.

bon bon said...

your pants were high and your hair line still low. ;o)

Janna said...

Is it wrong that you almost reminded me of David Hyde Pierce?