Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Rejected Blog Post Ideas

Every now and then I take a look through my draft posts to see if there's anything lying around in there I can resurrect into a full-blown feature story. Sometimes I find something I can use, other times I combine the bloggy bits into a "It's a bit drafty in here" post, and yet other times I look at them and gasp - for ever considering them in the first place. Those are the one I throw away.

A recent perusal in my drafts folder uncovered 10 of these posts. I thought I would do you a favor and show you what I tossed out.

Because your readership is important to me.

And I love you.

1. Moles I'm concerned about*
2. A complete history of every used car I've ever owned
3. My ear wax removal story
4. Audio recordings of polkas I can't play very well on the accordion
5. My day at the DMV
6. Favorite ice fishing blogs I've found
7. My WORST infections
8. One day in a Minneapolis traffic jam: a mile-by-mile report
9. My gassiest moments
10. The very best spreadsheet functions

I know... and you're welcome.

* I actually had a picture of one of those moles in the original version of this post. After further review, I removed that as well. My love for you knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

you're a good man...and thank you

Roger Miller said...

I'm thinking that #5 and 8 could be some entertaining reading, please bring them to life.

#7 - only if you have pictures

Can you combine #4 and 9, with video and audio, of course.

The rest... Can I borrow?

Kathy said...

I'll take anything from that list. Except for #6. Ice fishing blogs? You're just making things up. And #9. I think we've heard enough about that region.

Although I must admit. I asked a coworker yesterday if I could write a post about skunks and how I drove for a mile on my way to work gagging from the smell, and what if people's farts were smellable for a mile radius? They sayd "No, you've written enough about farts already." Well! I never!

Mom Thumb said...

I found a list of potential blog posts recently that I had written probably a year ago. Let's just say they all fell into the category of "what the hell were you thinking?"

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing a draft from December that I can't find myself posting or was written on the same day my mom died.
Sorry about the downer comment.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sis - You're welcome. It's the most I could do.

roger - Combine 4 and 9? That genius! Everyone... if this happens you have Roger to thank!

kathy - The ice fishing blogs idea was going to be total sarcasm, and was funny to me when I thought of it. But now... eh, not so much.

mom thumb - Isn't that funny how that happens? Actually, most of my archives are full of "What the hell was I thinking."

carlae - No apologies necessary. I can totally understand how that would be hard to delete. And please accept my belated condolences.

Debra said...

Oh, I don't know, I think most of those could be fairly interesting. But I'm a nurse, and we're that way.

Anonymous said...

Why do not-from-the-Midwest people not believe we actually do go ice fishing? We're not trying to catch ice, we SIT on the ice trying to catch fish. I believe you noodle catfish. And mostly, ice fishing is an excuse to hole up in a tiny cabin and drink a lot. Long, cold winters.

Michelle said...

Ummm yeah, those were some good decisions. I'm just impressed that you have that many drafts. I store nothing and just write and publish, but I think your way is probably better. There are some things I should have noodled on, I think ;)

But ummm I'd TOTALLY love a post on spreadsheet functions. (Seriously) And the DMV has potential. If it was a truly entertaining experience. The rest? Thank you for not publishing.

Anonymous said...

I wrote about my favorite wart I named Clark one time. But I officially had nothing to talk about at all. Like the site.

Babs-beetle said...

That list is nothing like my list of rejects. Yours could have made fun reading.

Maureen said...

Yeah, I agree, some of those could be quite interesting! Er, but not the gassy one thx.

I am impressed. Most of my drafts are simply titles. No text, no images.

And I can't for the life of me recall what the hell I was "drafting". Gah.

Dennis Yu said...

Infections, ear wax, and moles-- would you actually write about that? I'd think that most people be curious enough to actually click on that just to see what you have to say!

Ed said...

Strangely...I'd like to see these all as posts...