Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apartment 54

Smell like I sound I'm lost in a crowd. And I'm hungry like the wolf.

I'm here at the grand opening of Apt 54, the hottest new party spot in the blogsphere - and anybody who is anybody is partying with us tonight!

It's not a big place, just a studio apartment, but with being out of a job and all it's the only thing I could afford right now. Still this place is packed and everyone is having a blast!

Look! There's Kathy with a bacon martini. And there's VE surrounded by his entourage of gnomes. Celebrities... I tell ya.

Don't turn around, uh-oh. Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh.

I don't see Diesel here. He was invited but I hear he came down with a nasty virus. Bummer for him.

Holy crap! Hang on a second...  JD! PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!!!

Dave2 is here and the girls are swooning over him. Wait... they're not swooning over him, they're all ga-ga over his cute little pet monkey. Smooth. Hey, use it if you got it, that's what I always say. What's that?... Sure Dave, I'll tell the DJ to play some Pet Shop Boys.

Call the police, there's a madman around. Running down underground to a dive bar. In a West End town.

Yes, this place is rockin' and people from all over the world are here. There's Dan over there from England, Maureen from Canada, Jaffer from, uh... whereever it is he comes from - and Elizabeth from Alaska. I know, she's still in the United States, but she can see Russia from her front porch so it's just like being from another country.

She's a super freak, super freak, she's super freakeeeeey - yow!

Well then, that's all I have time for right now. I need to restock the champagne and tell Adam to quit exposing himself on the dance floor. My parents are here for pete's sake! Oh well, you can dress him up...

Anyway, so glad all my best friends could join me here tonight. This is a TOTAL blast! Let's plan on doing this again soon.

Oh, and make sure you sign the guest list before you leave!

The days are dull, the nights are long. Guess it's better to say... Goodbye to you!


Unknown said...

Ooh look, my link worked

I'll leave the wine on the table here and go look for cake, there has to be cake

Bill said...

Hopefully there will be a party on February 8th after the 6 o'clock St Cloud City Council's final, final vote to start digging the skatepark. We will be there.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

gary - Just be careful of leaving an unattended drink. You can't necessarily trust this bunch.

bill - YES! There's going to be a party after the vote. Guaranteed!

PG said...

the doorman is a pushover with questionable judgment! In other words... I'm heeeeeere!

Kathy said...

What a FUN post! And it's extra special because my coworkers and I just got back from the liquor store (don't ask), so we're stocked up! What does everyone need?

Cheers and welcome to the club everybody!

Wait. Who took my glass? Someone took my glass already?

Unknown said...

Hey, thank you for the invite, Jeff. I am honored to be a part of the party. (And Der Kommissar is also running through my head now. :) )

Durblady said...

So, if I actually updated my blog you might post a link to me?!?!?! Ummmm, yeah . . . that sounds like work!

Heather said...

I was wondering how I was going to remember to check your blog for new posts. I mean, I can hardly remember to check my own blog.

Michelle said...

Oh I think I hate you a little bit now. Please Please Tell Me Now is going through my head and will be for the next two weeks. This is why I don't go to parties ;)

So dumb question but with a private blog is the word verification still necessary?

Mooselet said...

Hey, I'm international!!! And you can do the whole time warp thing since I'm a day ahead and all.

Thanks for the invite, Jeff. I feel so cool now.

Babs-beetle said...

I finally made it. Where's my drink, and are we having a live performance from the Receders later?

Jaffer said...

Excuse me while I hog the cheese and Nacho
Hey ! What is that thing moving in your Taco ?

Roger Miller said...

If I had known there would be nudity (probably why I can't access from work) I would have been here a lot sooner. So... where do I hang my pants?

Ed said...

Hey! Keep the freaking noise down!! I just got the kids to bed.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

pg - Hmmm, looks like I need to hire better help.

kathy - I warned you. This is a sneaky bunch! So, how IS that martini anyway?

jenn - Tell me about it... I've had that same song stuck in my head since 1982.

durblady - Mmm, probably not. I didn't like about 25 other people either. But I still think you should update your blog once in a while. (hint hint) ;-)

heather - I'm still trying to figure that out. Now I'm thinking I'll set up an email group and just notify you that way. I don't think the Facebook update is going to work.

michelle - Excellent point. Thank you for bringing that up. I just turned it off. :-)

mooselet - I know! You were actually my very first international friend! When I wrote this post though you hadn't signed up yet. So sorry. But you know I still love you. Right?

babs - I would ask Kathy where your drink is. Somebody stole hers and she's probably out for revenge. And believe it or not, The Receders aren't members here. I know!

jaffer - Uh... I wouldn't eat those nachos if I were you. I think those were from last week.

roger - I see. I'm guessing Jenny isn't a member then?

ed - Sorry. You know how carried away JD and Kathy get when they've had a few drinks. I'll talk to them.

Maureen said...

Woo Hoo! Sorry I'm late; it's a fair drive especially on winter roads and those damn Customs guys held me up at the Border. But a good thing is, I brought cheap Duty Free booze for the party. Anyone want a Ceasar?

Mom Thumb said...

What a fun party! What is a bacon martini . . . and where is the cheese ball?

Mom Thumb said...

And no, I'm not talking about Bill.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

maureen - Cool! Did you bring any Agassiz?

mom thumb - Oh, way to steal the punchline!

JD at I Do Things said...

I will NOT put my clothes back on! Not while I still have this awesome all-over tan. Just don't look, if it offends you.

Otherwise: great party! Soooo glad to be invited.

Susan said...

I can't get the idea of a bacon martini out of my head now!

rick said...

Sorry I'm late. I was out ice fishing, and just got into town. Let's break out the TWISTER!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm almost international! Cool!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jd - I knew you wouldn't. Why would you start wearing clothes now?

susan - Hey, with all the other bizarre martini flavors available, why not?!

rick - Sure, you just want to challenge JD.

elizabeth - Sure you are! On a cold day you could pretty much walk over to Russia. Right?

Anonymous said...

Better late than never to this party. I won't stay long!

Ed said...

Yeah, yeah...I'm finally here with the gnomes...Traffic! Hey...who took the lampshade I was going to wear? Still...secret double blogging is pretty ingenious...

Janna said...

Here I am, late as usual.
Two months late, in fact.

The place is all quiet now, and everyone is gone.

On the bright side, though, I did find some chocolate covered almonds in the sofa.

At least I hope that's what those were.

Janna said...
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