Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 fun ways to utilize my hour commute on the train

1. Quilting

2. Drawing caricatures (with disproportionately large heads) of other passengers and taping them on the wall

Delicious fermented cabbage
3. Watching epic films on my iPod Mini

4. Making it my mission to use the toilets on all 9 cars

5. Learning to play the accordion

6. Reading the entire series of "... for Dummies" books

7. Pretending to have loud arguments on my cell phone with my wife

8. Eating egg salad sandwiches and hot steaming bowls of kimchi

9. Unnecessarily sitting next to someone even though there are plenty of empty seats, and coughing uncontrollably for the entire hour

10. Nearly dying in my sleep 197 times due to sleep apnea, only to wake up each time with a loud disturbing "SNNNOOORRRKKK!" sound


rick said...

11. Study wiring manuals in case there is an opening at the electricians union.

cindy (sis) said...


Mom Thumb said...

I like #7, that gives your fellow passengers something to blog about.

absepa said...

I think it would be pretty hilarious if you took up quilting on the train. None of the other passengers would expect this tall fellow to sit down and pull out some quilting squares and a needle and thread.

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

So basically, you're that guy, right? The one people smile kindly at, but then go home and blog about?

Charli said...

#11 he did study wiring manuals and got it right! The kitchen is coming together wonderfully. Thanks for helping.

Unknown said...

I'm assuming that you are using your fellow riders for inspiration.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

rick - Why do you think I included #6?

cindy - Apparently some people don't know all the Bill-isms. Remember, if you can't say anything nice...

mom thumb - A few of these are based on actual observations, including that one. Only in her case she wasn't pretending.

absepa - That's true. A short fellow maybe, but definitely not a tall one.

kathy - Guilty as charged. I do what I can to help out my fellow passenbloggers.

charli - More like I got lucky, but yes... the manual did save me.

gette - Like I told Mom Thumb, some of these were based on a true story. Specifically #s 7, 9 and 10. The rest I'm still waiting to see for real.

Lois Lee said...

I am so HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY!!! Jeff is blogging again. Mom

rick said...

That was grandma Tommerdahl, not Bill.

Roger Miller said...

Epic movies on an iPod mini, that would be, um, epic!!

I hope whoever brings #8 has enough to share. ;)

So glad to see you back.

JD at I Do Things said...

I make that loud "SNNNOOORRRKKK!" sound every now and then, only I'm awake.

I like #7, especially if you throw in a bunch of swear words and get really red-faced.

Eleven Creations Partner Program said...

I love # 8. =D

Maureen said...

Okay # 9 is my pet peeve in public.... I need my space and hate it when some stranger feels the need to sit right beside me. I should take up the Japanese habit of wearing a surgical mask in public. Then people will wonder if it's because I HAVE germs or if I'm trying to keep protected from THEIR germs.