Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coming up...

Ok, I thought I was going to be able to write every other day like I used to in my glory days of blogging, but alas... life continues to get in the way.

For one thing, I was supposed to have all this time on the train FIVE days a week to do whatever I wanted... you know - read, rite (no, not rithmetic) or just listen to music. But fortunately I am already working from home 2 days/wk which means I've now lost 2/5 of my reserved blog time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'd much rather be working from home than commuting and blogging. Well, actually I'd rather be just blogging... but that's not an option.

Still, I do have a short-list of things I plan to write about, and I thought I'd preview it for you now. Really cool things. For example:

- The progress of the skate plaza. Go here if you want to read the back stories and go here if you want to see the current story.

- The continuation of my "On The Road" series including membership banter from this FB group: I Played in a Gabe Garland  Band.

- Our shrinking nest and how we went from having 4 children in the house to only one, literally overnight. Also, how we now plan to live in a van down by the river instead of our mega-sized house.

- The stress associated with working in a HUGE skyscraper with THOUSANDS of people and never being able to find a secluded bathroom stall to do my business in. If you know me, you know this is an issue.

-And finally, more fun from Mr. Know It All. Remember him? He's the guy who will answer all of your inane questions with even more inane answers. And thanks to you, he has tons of bizarre inquires to address from his last post.

So thank you everyone for hanging in there and not deleting me from your feed readers. It was really sweet to come back online to all of your friendly faces. You guys are, and always have been, THE BEST!



AidansDad_StrikesBack said...

Glad yer back! All I ask is that you don't blog from Big Blue's Bathrooms.

Bill said...

It is okay to tell the President of IBM that your father worked at the first IBM installation in the Marines back in 1950. If that does not impress him, you might mention the economical birthright your mother willed her children. Today for example, at the store, she pulled out 4 Steak-um's coupons from 1985 that had no expiration date. Guess that should make you organized too.

Idaho Dad said...

Well, at least we know that you'll be having comfortable bowel movements on two of your workdays.

Kathy said...

If they're not going to include pertinent bathroom information in the employee orientation manual, is that really somewhere you want to work? Honestly.

I see you've had a lot of activity on the Gabe band FB page. That's so great you started it. Very cool.

Mom Thumb said...

The poop blogs came to mind yesterday when I was in a courthouse and had to seriously violate the restroom. I waited until the other woman left. How sad is it that pooping in public makes me think of you.

Roger Miller said...

Looking forward to seeing what kinds of morsels of entertainment you will be providing us, and expect to see a story arc about one of your consistent fellow passengers on your trip to the big city.... you can do that, right? :)

Dan said...

Can't remember if I said this before, but I'm glad you are back Jeff.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

AidensDad - Well, it kind of sounds like "blog" in there. Does that count?

Bill - Sure Dad... I'll make sure to email the IBM pres on that one. Oh, and Lois is the master. I'd love to see what the Steak-ums (really? - you guys eat that?) folks have to say when they get those puppies back.

Idaho Dad - Where do you think I do most of my work? Thank god for wireless.

Kathy - The bathroom was one of the very first things they showed me. But they DON'T tell you where the safe havens are. That information is top secret.

Mom Thumb - Linda, if I accomplished nothing else than that over the last 5 years of blogging it would be enough. Thank you for validating my purpose in life. Seriously.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Roger - Morsels are my specialty. So far my fellow passengers have been disappointingly normal. Damn Minnesotans!

Dan - Thank you. Feel free to say it as often as you like! :-)

Unknown said...

The January batch of EF student applications are starting to filter in!! Check out "Meet Our Students" at and we'll find someone awesome for Rosie to share her America with, and to fill that lonely empty nest for you.
Ga, that reads like SPAM. Trust me.

Bill said...

Lois pulled those steak-ums coupons from her color coded red for meat folder. Do you think 25 years is too
long to keep a manufacture's coupon for 35 cents? Would that get her in the Guiness Book. The steak-ums
were delicious, so if anyone has any more coupons, please forward them. My life expectancy at 83 means I am running on someone else's time, so don't tarry.

Mom said...

Hey----those steak-ums make really good sandwiches---you should try them. They take a minute and a half to fix, and I fried onions to go on top of the melted cheese that was on the steak-um. Delicious, said Rick and Bill!!!

Maureen said...

"I'd rather be just blogging"

As long as you keep in the word "just" I won't sue you for copyright infringement.... ;)