Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Magic


That's how I remember Christmas when I was a little boy. Every season filled with a warm, familiar routine that felt comfortable... exciting... magical. Maybe it was the promise of presents or maybe it was the music and decorations, but whatever it was, it left these memories with me for eternity.


Glass choir angels floating on cotton ball clouds on the TV console. Packages sprinkled with pine needles under the tree. Blurry bulbs glowing through frosted windows from the eves outside.


Hardly able to wait until Rudolph and Charlie Brown aired for their one and only showing of the year.


Installing huge cardboard K-D-A-L letters in the front window in hopes that we would win the radio station's prize that year.


Bing, Dean and Nat insisting we have a merry little Christmas from crackly records on a HiFi stereo.


Watching the news on Christmas eve as the anchorman interrupts the broadcast to inform us that the airport has detected an unidentified flying object on radar.


Strategically placing a giant stocking on the couch before heading into the bedroom for an impossible attempt at sleep.


Cousins bursting through the door for their annual visit that included hiding behind forbidden garment bags, ghost story sleepovers in the basement and eating all but the butterscotch-flavored rolls from their requisite books of Lifesavers.


Personal loaves of Grandma's brown bread, toasted slices smothered in butter, filling the house with intoxicating desire.


Being 5, 6, maybe even 7 years old and secretly believing I was right about Santa Claus and everyone else just didn't know any better.


What was magic about Christmas for you as a child?


Debra said...

My daughter is six and still believes in Santa. I don't remember when it was that I found out that Santa wasn't "real."

What was magic about Christmas? Everything. The family gathering from all around, all the special foods we never had other times of the year, the tree, the gifts, the magically filled stockings that always held a tangerine and certain kinds of candy that we never had any other time. Waking up in the morning and drinking homemade hot cocoa while we waited for everyone to be ready; it was so peaceful and we were so content. I still enjoy listening to Christmas music with the tree lit long after the kids are in bed.

Leeuna said...

You pretty much summed it up in your post. Everything about the Christmas season was magic when I was a kid.

Sandy said...

KDAL? Oh, man that brings back memories! My dad used to listen to that station every morning, and I always remember the announcer saying "The Music of Your Life."

Maureen said...

Oh Jeff, I can totally relate to many of these... and I still remember those TV or radio annoucements that an unidentified object was spotted on radar heading south!

I also remember trying to quietly tip toe upstairs (I slept with my sister in our basement bedroom) when I thought it was time, only to be greeted by my haggard Mom and Dad telling me to "Get Back To Bed!" because they were STILL up wrapping gifts!

I still keep many traditions my parents had for Christmas Day; hopefully daughter will continue them too.

Ed said...

The silver Christmas tree backlit with the red/yellow/blue/green rotating light. Pure magic!

Mother Theresa said...

Oh yeah! I remember waiting to watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown too! And we used to have real candles in our tree, which I thought was pretty magical. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the magic of building those same memories with my daughter and husband. We are all lovers of Christmas and each year we make magical things happen.

Mom Thumb said...

Rudolph, Charlie Brown and the Grinch. And opening presents to the smell of the turkey roasting.