Monday, November 26, 2012

20 year old rappers on ice

Yesterday I had this Facebook exchange with a friend of mine, after he posted this picture of rapper Ice Cube on a soda fountain ice dispenser (who I thought was Ice-T, hence the HI-larious "coco" comment).

So, as a result of my inexcusable ignorance, I got called out for not being up on my Ice rappers. Can you imagine?

This, of course, was all in jest, as my friend doesn't REALLY think I'm an ignoram-ice. But his jab did cause me to Google the frozen rapper community to see who else was using this extra-cool moniker. 

Of course I had heard of Ice Cube, Ice-T and Vanilla Ice, but what really surprised me was the substantial list of other Ice rappers that I had NOT heard of before.

Here's a summary:

Ice Pick - Best known for rapping over Chet Atkins guitar arrangements.

Dry Ice - Writes snarky lyrics that nobody "gets."

Ice Road Rapper - Alaska's only "Big-Rig Rapper."

Shaved Ice - Claims to be the first bald rapper to hit the scene.

Ice Cream - Eric Clapton's ill-fated attempt at entering the rap genre.

Ice Machine - Claims to be busiest rapper in the industry. Released 86 albums in 2011.

and finally...

Off-Ice - Thought he going to establish himself as the "bad-ass rapper you don't mess with" because he would "off" you cold... but ended up going nowhere because everyone just thought his music was about working in an office.

In my defense though, you really can't blame me for not being able to tell Ice Cube from Ice-T, considering I have listened to exactly none of their music ever. And besides... after 20 years, I assumed these guys had melted by now.


Susan said...

So nice to see a View From the Cloud post in my feed!

leeuna said...

Then there's Ice Berg -- the rappers that entertained aboard the Titanic. Or maybe they're lettuce.

Good to see you posting again.

Jeff said...

Susan - Nice to BE in your feed!
Leeuna - Funny thing is... there actually IS a rapper named Ice Berg. Not making that up.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

It totally looks like Ice T to me, too. And I think you should get credit for the Coco joke no matter who it is.

Roger Miller said...

Ice T sold out and began playing a cop on television - slightly ironic. I'm pretty dense with regards to the Coco joke, I think. Thanks for the list of new rappers to check out, next century. Maybe.

Maureen said...

Ha! N-ICE to see you back again!

I wouldn't know the difference either; but we ARE of the same generation when bands actually SANG...

Jeff said...

What a funny list. I have never heard of 70% of them.

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