Monday, August 15, 2005

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Chapter 13 - Pets of 2015


Kathy said...

Oh, geez. So many! I don't remember all of them. Especially not Winston. Winston looks like trouble.

Thanks for sharing your puppy (and bird!) friends with your human ones. What a year!

Charli said...

Kathy, Winston was one of my favorites! We only sat for them a week although we cared for the house and gardens for a month before we had Winston (they took him on a road trip) . When we first met him before his road trip he barked and even nipped a little at us (his humans live somewhat secluded in the mtns) and I thought he'd be a real stinker but as soon as we were alone with he was a riot- super fun and energetic. When I'd take him on walks (and he could easily walk 5-6 miles) he'd be walking along and then jump high in the air and into a ditch attempting to catch a mole- he never did but he'd never give up hope. He just always made me so happy. I miss that guy and we only sat him for a week.

Kathy said...

Wow, 5-6 miles? That's a lot of energy for humans AND dogs. He sounds like he had a great personality. I'm glad you could could sit for him, even for just a week. Great name, too! Sounds so, I don't know, butler-y. Har.

Charli said...

hahaha! yeah and as far as the miles go... I loved having an excuse to walk there, it was in the mountains of CO I could go walking and get lost for hours, Winston kept me company, Rosie was there for part of the week and her and I would just wander for ever - chatting away while Winston searched for moles - such a great week.

plantpeacedaily said...

Our dogs are missing you already Charli and Jeff! Bean and Bapu fell completely in love with you. You were the best house and dog sitters we ever had..and we have had many!
Why can't everyone be like you two?

Love and miss you. Happy travels..

Love Rae, JC, Bean and Bapu